During Ancient times, Amorgos consisted of three City-States: Minoa, Aegiali and Arkesini. Amorgos had an intense and glorious presence in prehistoric times and especially in the first period of Cycladic civilization (3200 – 2000 B.C.).

Today, the cultural and technological advancement of Amorgos is growing at a good rate and hand in hand with the preservation of its heritage. The buildings of Amorgos, even the most modern and stylish, retain their natural beauty and strong Cycladic style. The hospitality of the residents speaks volumes of the heritage and richness of the place.
Modern Amorgos teaches us. It teaches us dignity, respect and love. An image that is starting to disappear from Greece of 2000.

It is said that people who come here and allow themselves to “inhale the island blue” will certainly feel the touch of God.

amorgos blue all, over

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