Hydra Spetses Poros

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These three Islands nearby the Capital City are favorite destinations for both one-time travellers as well as foreigners setting their permanent base. If you visit at least one of these islands, you will easily understand why…

Quite a few of the property titles on these islands, strech back in time, with legendary Greek figures still appearing in today’s family trees. You can sense from the first moment that these islands served as forts, multiple times, and under different governance. The beauty of these historical monuments and restored mansions, is evident everywhere.

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Of course one can not fail to appreciate the rocky, harsh terrain of Hydra, where no automobile is allowed to set foot, as well as the numerous crystal water beaches of Spetses and Poros that also combine five star level accommodation for the most demanding among you.

The sea in between those small islands is often windy and has numerous tiny physical bays that a small sailboat can anchor and enjoy the sea. literally undisturbed. There is also plenty of fun and games for those Sail Lovers who really like to “Ride the Sea”!

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