Loutraki poses among the oldest and most famous thermal spa spots of the Balkan Region. People all over the world travel here to receive the therapeutic treatments that the radio-enrinched water springs offer. The city has lately re-novated its Thermal Spa facilities to become attractive to the modern tastes of its international high-affluence visitors.

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The Loutraki Bay, also enjoys the accolade of a Blue Flag, a well-acclaimed trophy only awarded to the top-of-the-top beaches in the Meditteranean Sea.

loutraki beach1

Vouliagmeni Lake is also a very interesting nearby spot with calm, warm waters and lots of greenery in the surrounding mountains, making it a summer hotspot for visitors of the area.

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There are also a few small pensions around the lake within an emerging community of high-quality villas, offering at the same time privacy and peacefulness in total harmony with the beautiful scenery.

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