The Platform


[Copyright Panagiotis Filippou All rights reserved 2015]

Real Estate in Greece has been – and will continue to be – one of the greatest tangible assets a person can enjoy. Tourism and domicility-related services alike are Greece’s top “Service Heavyweights”.

EASYVACATE™, is a Real Estate b2b portal for buyers and sellers of Greek Property through Affiliated local and International Real Estate Agents. The application is available as a portal, and is continuously updated in Real-Time, to provide timely data and access to privileged Information through Local Real Estate Experts in each major Greek Geography.

The deals, are contracted outside the EASYVACATE™ platform, and thus there is no mark-up on deal prices requested from us as a market makers. Only participating Real Estate Agents who wish to rent space for customized presentation of their services, are charged a minimum set-up fee for the logistics and maintenance costs incurred.